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Gilean Docherty MCSP


My History and Background



I Initially trained in Cardiff as a Remedial Gymnast (a cross between a physiotherapist and a PT Instructor). I later went on to do Physiotherapy Training at Queens College Glasgow.

I was a competitive swimmer, teacher and coach, a keen horse rider and have over the years played many sports and taken part in a variety of outdoor activities.


My early years were spent in NHS hospital wards gaining the basic knowledge essential to every Physiotherapist.

I spent nearly 15 years as a Senior Physiotherapist in Edinburgh Community Outpatients specialising in musculoskeletal conditions and Domiciliary.

During this time I also became involved in Sports Injuries clinics working with all types of athletes from Amateur to Olympic level, with rugby clubs in Edinburgh working on pitch side and travelling with teams. I also became involved in disabled sport competitions and coached disabled athletes in Swimming and Athletics and travelled at home and abroad with swimming teams, became Physiotherapist for the Scottish Junior and Scottish East District Swimming Teams and worked as a coach and physiotherapist at club level.


In 1995 I did my first Acupuncture Course. Over the years this skill has been developed and regularly used with the manual techniques in my treatments.

Around 2001 I was introduced to the concept of myofascial release and the importance of using a holistic view to treat musculoskeletal injury to restore body symmetry and allow the body to work in its optimum position.


Having seen and experienced (following a riding accident) the amazing results of this treatment I left the NHS in 2004 to continue working down this path.

The path has been very exciting as it has opened a whole new world of treatment modalities helping me address patient’s problems which did not respond to traditional Physiotherapy methods.

I continue to learn and develop all my physiotherapy and acupuncture techniques through continued professional development and working with other professionals who have a similar interest so the highest standard of treatment can be offered to my patients.






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