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A restriction, injury or dysfunction in one part of the body can often impact on whole body biomechanics and resulting symptoms can be in a different part of the body from the site of injury. This can often have been caused by injury, fractures or operations in previous months or years.

• Back Pain with or without sciatica

• Neck pain

• All musculoskeletal pain (pain in muscles, bone and associated soft tissue)

• Headaches and dizziness

• Sports injuries

• Chronic Pain

• Repetitive Strain and Occupational injuries

• Post-surgical or following fractures

• Arthritis and other rheumatic conditions

• Womans health problems such as ante and post natal problems and Incontinence



• A variety of Manual techniques and myofascial mobilisations to release soft tissue

• Muscle Energy Techniques

• Visceral Mobilisation

• Nerve Mobilisation

• Visceral Mobilisation

• Exercise therapy and advise where appropriate to back up treatment given or help return to fitness

• Acupuncture for pain relief and to enhance other treatments


I have used acupuncture as a treatment modality for over 15 years. It can only be used by a physiotherapist for treating problems which would normally be addressed by a Chartered Physiotherapist and is a very useful tool to be used when appropriate. I am a member of the Acupuncture Association of Physiotherapists which ensures we complete regular Continued Professional Development to and maintain a high standard of practise.





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