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What Physiofit Scotland Can Offer

Sports Injuries

Over the years I have worked with recreational to top level Olympic athletes and because of my profession as a Physiotherapist and my background in competitive Sport , understand the demands different sports can make on the body.

This allows me to work with athlete and coaches to try to get the best possible outcome quickly and with as little loss of fitness as possible.

It has also been very useful in enhancing Sporting Achievement by re aligning the body and therefore giving the body the chance to work to its optimum performance level.

I have had success with Swimmers, Golfers, Tri athletes, Cyclists and Horse Riders as well as Musicians and Dancers who have similar demands on their bodies.

Swimmers – need to have flexibility throughout their body, not just the shoulders. This is often forgotten therefore excess strain is put on the shoulder eventually causing problems.

Golfers – need flexibility in the hips and trunk as well as the shoulders to optimise “ that swing”

Runners –need to have a well aligned pelvis otherwise the twist results in groin strain and splints

Cyclists- due to sustained bent position can develop back and neck problems

Rugby and Football – sustain a multitude of injuries such as runners but also the concussion type causing a variety of soft tissue trauma. By maintaining alignment lots of recurring injuries such as groin strain and knee pain can be managed. The knocks and bumps and post fracture trauma are treated on their own merit using modalities described.

These are just some of the Sports regularly treated but most sports follow similar criteria.





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